Toyota Partners with Luminar on the Newest Version of Autonomous Platform

Published on: 28 Sep, 2017

On Wednesday, Toyota Research Institute, which is Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE: TM) research arm, announced that it would partner with Luminar on its newest version of autonomous platform.

Luminar was founded five years ago, and began to develop a new LiDAR architecture. The sensor enables the car to clearly see and reorganize cars, people, and objects even at distance, according to a statement by TRI. Luminar is becoming the only platform to achieve the necessary sensor requirement for the autonomous vehicles. Toyota will use Luminar’s sensing technology on its Platform 2.1.

“We moved swiftly and early to adopt the Luminar platform into our fleet, and as a result we’re rapidly advancing our program,” James Kuffner, the Chief Technology Officer of Toyota Research Institute, said in the statement on Wednesday. “The level of data fidelity and range is unlike anything we’ve seen and is essential to be able to develop and deliver the most advanced automated driving systems.”

Toyota Research Institute said that it plans to use the Luminar lidar in the future generations of self-driving systems, but didn’t disclose Luminar’s new system would integrate into how may cars.

“We’re proud to enable the most advanced and rapidly evolving autonomous vehicle programs,” said Luminar Founder and CEO, Austin Russell.

“As the group defining the future of vehicle autonomy for the largest auto manufacturer in the world, TRI has the greatest opportunity to lead the charge in deploying life-saving self-driving technology at scale,” he said.


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