Tech Startups in the U.S. are Finally Addressing the Lack of Top Level Female Executives in Companies

Published on: 09 Mar, 2018

Recent reports have shown that a large number of the U.S. tech startups are progressing in their efforts to employ more females in leadership ranks. A number of companies are trying to resolve the fact that very few female employees progress further in their ranks within companies. Not to mention, when it comes to gender parity, the U.S is far behind countries like China and the UK.

Despite the constant talks about resolving gender parity and promoting women to leadership ranks, nothing much has been done during the last few years. 

This is why the tech startups in the U.S. are making use of special programs to increase the number of women in the higher levels of hierarchy. So far, reports have shown that nearly 41% of the companies have been successful in their efforts, a 16% increase from the 25% companies that achieved this in the past year.

Even so, the disparity is still too large. Despite the best efforts, only 43% of the tech startups in the U.S. have women as c-suite executives as compared to the numbers in the UK and China. Similarly, only 29% of the startups in the U.S. have a female member on the board as compared to 34% in the UK and 45% in China. 

The good news is that the gender party is being taken very seriously and is being discussed more frequently as compared to the past. Many feel that this is the first step in allowing more female members to take up leadership positions within companies.

After years of ignoring the issue and pretending that it did not exist, officials are finally addressing the problem and trying to create a plan of action to make progress in resolving the issues.

Once the proper policies are implemented, companies are expected to hire more female employees and also to better the efforts in creating a sustainable environment for such employees. It is high time that all the talks are converted into actions. The goal is to see the numbers improve at the end of the effort.

Several companies have expressed difficulty in hiring suitable candidates due to the lack of required skills and knowledge. This hinders the efforts to hire new female employees. But, then again, there is more than one way to approach the issue and a proper plan of action will be able to address even the minute concerns that a company may have while hiring a female employee to fill in the top positions.


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