Easing Trade Tensions Portend Steady Stock Markets

Published on: 14 May, 2018

Easing trade tensions between China and the United States mean US stocks can only go up on May 14. Futures predicted a 0.2 percent opening gain for S&P 500. The Dow Jones Industrial Average or DJIS may go up by 0.3 percent. The Stoxx Europe 600 in Europe was down by 0.1 percent after a positive Asia session.

 Stock markets around the world have rebounded during recent sessions post a turbulent beginning in 2018. This happened in the middle of excellent corporate earnings. Many have made the bet that the specter of inflation is not much high to compel Federal Reserve to hasten its increase in interest rates. American stocks registered their best one-week gains from the beginning of March during May second week. According to David Lafferty, the chief strategist of Natixis Investment Managers, trade rhetoric has been dialed down a little bit. Such an action had freed up the equities top look towards other factors like the superb earnings season. Signs of warmer America-China relations will only assist to extend the gains.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States announced on May 13 that he and Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, are trying to keep afloat the Chinese company ZTE Corporation. The US is now trying to help the Chinese telecommunication behemoth badly hit by American moves to cut suppliers. The intervention by President Trump comes at a time when China and the United States are battling high stakes negotiations over trade issues. Both countries have threatened each other with the imposition of tariffs worth billions of dollars on each others' products.

In his tweet, Trump said he is interacting with Xi to make ZTE profitable again. The president expressed concern about jobs being lost in China, He told the assembled media that he had instructed the Commerce Department to expedite matters. The office of the US trade representative will hold hearings during the third week of May. It has already invited a number of corporations to make their views known on proposed duties.

There was a rise of 2.988 percent in 10 year US Treasury Yields from 2.971 percent. The yields move inverse to the prices. When it came to WSJ Dollar Index, responsible for tracking the dollar compared to 16 currency basket, was down by 0.1 percent. Traders in Europe watched developments in Italy an agreement between right-wing parties and the government.


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