Decline in International Visitors Worries American Travel Industry

Published on: 30 Jan, 2018

The data says it all: there has been a definite decline of the US pie in worldwide travel from 2015. This scenario happens at a time when international travel has only risen across the world. Many travel for business and also for vacation. The number of international travelers entering the United States, however, have suffered a noticeable reduction in numbers. The United States Travel Association has crunched the numbers and computed that the during 2017's initial seven months, international arrivals to US ports have dipped by four percent.

The United States Government remains unperturbed by the numbers. They claim that the numbers will soon go north. The American travel industry is not so sure. There is no surprise that the American travel industry has specifically created Visit US Coalition, an organization to promote inbound tourist and visitor arrivals into the United States.

The US Government's stand can be justified in the fact that these decline in global travel to the US is not a new phenomena. The numbers began to dip in 2015 itself. The next two years-particularly in 2017- saw a noticeable dip. The initial six months in 2017 suffered a decline of four percent compared to the identical period in 2016. A big opportunity thus exists to exploit in such a case. To do this, the Visit USA Coalituuon was made to actively stop the continued decline of market share. To do this. Dubois said, the world should comprehend the beauty of the United States.

Things become more interesting if the data is analyzed in detail. The July 2017 numbers exhibit that inbound travel to the US from Middle East has declined by 40 percent. From Africa, about 30 percent and visitors arriving from South America is down by 15 percent. The last has hurt the economies of a few US states like Florida.

A few people have blamed the Trump administration of such a decline due to the changing American immigration policies. One big example of this is the travel ban. It does not help that the US President has called a few countries in negative terms. The problem is that probable visitors are afraid to come as they gain a negative perception of US travel policies by watching the news channels. These can only be  turned around if the president himself comes out and proclaims that the United States is an excellent destination.


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