Credit Suisse Expects Tesla to Suffer from Serious Competition

Published on: 15 Nov, 2019

According to a report by Credit Suisse, Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) may suffer from serious competition next year, as other car manufacturers are preparing to launch their fully electric vehicles.

Specifically, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is in the center of attention. Ford announced that it is expanding its iconic Mustang franchise to include the automaker’s first-ever, all-electric SUV - the Mustang Mach-E.  

"Tesla has a window of opportunity now with a clear competitive lead," wrote Dan Levy of Credit Suisse. "Yet to the extent Tesla continues to struggle with the basic 'blocking and tackling' of the auto business (i.e., manufacturing, delivery logistics, service), it risks not capitalizing on this opportunity."

According to Ford, Mach-E will be available in the U.S, Canada and Europe next fall. Credit Suisse evaluates the Mach-E will be priced in between between $40,000 and $50,000, with an expected 300-mile range.

"The launch marks the first real milestone in Ford's increased emphasis in electrification, and more importantly marks an increased effort by the legacy US automakers to be relevant in electrification," Levy wrote.


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