The Latest “Behind the Buzz” Show: Featuring UMG Media Ltd. (TSX-V: ESPT) Corporate Overview

Published on: 18 Jul, 2019’s latest Behind the Buzz Show: Featuring Our Corporate Overview on UMG Media Ltd.

UMG Media Ltd. (TSX-V: ESPT) is an eSports website, a high-quality next-generation gaming experience. With origins as a LAN event provider, the company is now set to branch out into the online gaming world. The daily source for tournaments and ladders, offered on multiple games across various platforms.

The company’s professional staff will provide the best and fairest gaming services for all users. As gamers themselves, UMG understands the mechanics of good gameplay and what is needed to ensure an enjoyable, competitive atmosphere. UMG Online is community based, users and their needs will always come first.

According to a report by Juniper Research, revenues from the global digital games market are estimated to reach the $100 billion milestone by the end of this year. The report indicates that contrary to previous estimates, the PC market has been reignited thanks to F2P (Free to Play) games. F2P allows gamers to access the game for free. Revenues are then made by purchases within the game, which is known as the freemium model; popularized by mobile games, in order to grow the number of players and accelerate spending. Combined with the continued growth of mobile, the industry is projected to reach revenues of $132 billion by 2021.

The outlook for the gaming industry is positive according to Juniper. Developers are integrating in-game advertising, which is most effective when users are rewarded. For example, watching a short video to provide players with additional in-game credits, and other rewards. “Juniper believes there is further opportunity for F2P on PC; particularly in Western markets; as well as console, with digital platforms such as Xbox Live playing host to F2P titles which are then monetized via in-game purchases and add-ons” explained research author Lauren Foye in a press release.

For more information, please visit: UMG Media Ltd.

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