The Latest “Behind the Buzz” Show: Featuring Spinalcyte, LLC CEO Pete O’Heeron

Published on: 19 Mar, 2019’s latest Behind the Buzz Show: Featuring Spinalcyte Chief Executive Officer Pete O’Heeron

Based in Houston, Texas, SpinalCyte, LLC, is a regenerative medicine company developing an innovative solution for spinal replacement using human dermal fibroblasts. Currently, SpinalCyte holds 39 U.S. and international issued patents and has filed for an additional 100+ patents pending and issued across a variety of clinical pathways, including disc degeneration, cancer, diabetes, liver failure and heart failure. Funded entirely by angel investors, SpinalCyte represents the next generation of medical advancement in cell therapy.

Mr. O’Heeron serves as our Chief Executive Officer.  With more than 20 years of medical technology development experience, Mr O’Heeron brings together the resources necessary to commercialize unique technologies.  His expertise covers a broad range of disciplines, from business start-ups and biologics, to medical devices and patient centered healthcare delivery.

Now in its 22nd year, the BIO CEO & Investor Conference is one of the largest investor conferences focused on established and emerging publicly traded and select private biotech companies. The conference features issue-oriented plenary sessions, educational sessions focused on hot therapeutic areas and key business issues, company presentations, one-on-one meetings, and networking opportunities.

For more information, please visit: SpinalCyte, LLC

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